Events in and out of the Lodge

"Roland D. Johnson" Scholarships
Custer City Lodge #66 may award scholarship grants each year.
Applicants may be either men or women. Scholarships are awarded based on; academic achievement, school and community involvement, and need....
Any student who plans to attend a public or private college, university, or technical school may apply. Applicants must be members of the graduating class of Custer High School. Applications are due on the 28th of February of the year of high school graduation.
George Washington Birthday Supper
This increasingly popular event is conducted every February on or near the birthday of Worshipful Brother George Washington.  It is a patriotic social event.  Fittingly, it starts with a social hour followed by a WELCOME and George Washington information and talk, then the traditional supper. Following the supper is a program, an awards ceremony and then the evening is then concluded amidst more socializing and reflecting...

Within the last few years the Lodge has become active in the community even more! With parades, Chamber of Commerce mixers, get-togethers with the Boy Scouts and Knights of Columbus. Also many Brothers are helping in volunteer events such as the children's activities on the 4th of July ! - Also included is the community event held at the high school for all businesses. (a great way to share information with the public!)
SD Child Identification Program (C.H.I.P.)
This program is designed to give families a degree of protection against the ever-increasing problem of missing children.  The Grand Lodge of South Dakota Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, in cooperation with the South Dakota Sheriffs Association and the South Dakota Dental Association, brings this fine program to communities throughout South Dakota by conducting local "events". 
These events create an identification packet for each child participating.  The packet consist of; a brief videotaped interview, fingerprinting, dental bite imprint, DNA cheek swab, and a digital still photograph.  Upon completion of the child's identification processing, the packet becomes property of the child's parents for their emergency use. 
Custer City Lodge #66 is working toward conducting such an event in Custer City.  As these plans mature, announcements will be posted on this website and in the local news media.  Until then, detailed information about the overall program is always available at the SD Child Identification Program website.

The Lodge and Brothers love to be involved with the Traveling Apron, visiting other Lodges, inviting guests to our Lodge, holding an inquiry night for the public at the Lodge for any gentleman (and Lady) that may be interested !
If the Brother has advanced his Masonic standing to other Masonic bodies, it can keep a Brother pretty busy, well rounded, active in community work, supporting other Brothers in need, and just upholding the virtues of Brotherly love....